Make Money Writing Online by Developing Author Voice and Marketing Flexibility

 I've earned sustainable income writing online for nearly a decade. That's sustainable as in bill-paying and financially solvent. I maintain several meta-writing (writing about how to write) blogs. A discussion arose in a professional group on trends in voice (writing style). It got me pondering anew, what it takes to be successful online.  How to Make Money Writing Online by Developing Voice and Flexibility

Teaching Adult Literacy Writing, Reading Personalized Books

I've been privileged as an educator to have taught many people, young and old, to read. Teaching adults to read is delicate; you can't use children's books and there aren't many adult interest books written at emergent reader level. They're aren't developmentally disabled. They just lack literacy. Finding appropriate curriculum is challenging. So I had students write personalized memoir-style books, about themselves, and read those. Using everyday vocabulary, natural, familiar expressions boosts fluency and comprehension immeasurably. Throw in some phonics practice and word families and you can't miss. How do you write personalized stories? Easy. Here's how. Teaching Reading for Adults: Personalized Books

Anger Managment and Rage Therapy Through Journal Writing

We all feel angry from time to time. It's normal and some anger is actually healthy. For some people, anger is chronic. For others, it's situational. Hi I'm Mar and I'm a rageaholic. And I've found that writing in a journal heals chronic anger. It provides therapy, release, detachment, a coping mechanism Journaling helps me manage anger issues. Too frustrated to write? Feel like you just have to punch something (or someone?) I understand. I felt that way at first, too. But after I discovered how mor more therapeutic writing is than punching things, it got easier to use writing as an anger management technique. Anger Managment and Rage Therapy Through Writing

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