Top 10 Sources for Article Content Topics

Top Ten Topics and Sources for Article Submission Ideas
I've been writing online for five years. I'm asked frequently is, 'where do you come up with ideas for articles'? The short answer is 'everywhere.' The more detailed answer lies in these ten sources.
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Writer's Block and Writer's Cramp: Mini-Break Ideas

Writer's Block and Writer's Cramp: 60+ Mini - Breaks to Prevent Break Down
Writer's block is an occupational euphemism for those dry spells all writers and authors experience. Writer's cramp is a medical euphemism for tendinitis. Both are warning signs flashing 'Take a Break'. Here are 100 ways to do just that.
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Online Writer's Time Management Tool Kit

How to Organize Your Online Writing Time: Content Websites, Social Sites, Niche Blogs
I've been asked how I manage to earn a living wage writing articles online. My organizational system has been a work in progress for nearly five years. This is my step-by-step guide organizational and time management guide.
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Getting Distracted from Your Writing? Easy Tips to Help You Focus

Ways to Prevent Distraction for Work at Home Writers
You would think that as a WAHM (Work At Home Mom), I should be able to get all sorts of writing done when the kids are in school. You would think. But work at home writers face a multitude of distractions. Here are coping skills to avoid distractions.
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