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A discussion on Bubblews (a platform I write for) sparked this post. It was posited that comments created linkbacks to our profiles and posts. This draws search traffic as links are channels, so to speak. They act like magnets attracting search indexing. Here's a tutorial to cash in on SEO, making links of keywords. But just remember, too much of a good thing is too much. Sprinkle keywords in the post. Season lightly. Keyword stuffed posts look contrived and spammy. I made that mistake accidentally with a few old articles. We were taught then to use more. Now received wisdom is, one per paragraph or every 100 words.   Writing for the Web 101 Keywords, SEO, Unique Tags, Oh My!

Blogging Tips, Take While Google Blogger is Giving

For the past few days, I have doing my blog PMs (preventative maintenance), spring cleaning my 55 niche blogs (an Amazonian task--I'd say Herculean, but being a gal, I want to show solidarity with the ladies.) I've been writing online since 2005 and blogs are my milch cows. But when internet or computer is slow, I can't get much done. So my advice is to do it while it works and do something else when it doesn't. I'm off to read a book and enjoy a glass of wine! Salud!   Blogging Tips, Take While Google Blogger is Giving

Poem Party, Writer Workshop Activities for April National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month in the U.S. Why not celebrate creative writing, by throwing a "poem party." Or host a writer workshop. Teachers and homeschoolers, help kids access their inner bard. I've included writing prompts, poem frames, templates and other inspirational activities. This can be done in any grade from preschool to college. Or do this with a group of adults.  Poem Party, Writer Workshops for April National Poetry Month

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