Free Speech, Commentary, Opinion and Slander

There are some ignorant,potentially hurtful misnomers about "free speech." I've read some hate rants cloaked in that recently. It's not free if it comes at the cost of hurting others.
Some people need to exercise first amendment rights less and fifth amendment more. Here are definitions of freedom of expression vs rants vs hate speech, from eight years writing commentary and several decades teaching communication.

Slander vs Opinion: How often have I heard hate speech passed off as opinion.We do not necessarily have the right to say it. If your opinion involves name-calling, insults, profiling others, that's not opinion. That's slander and libel when it's in print (see, I watched Spiderman). Journalistic ethics prevents using derogatory words. I had to edit out the phrase "windbag" in reference to a Republican politician.   Free Speech, Undifferentiated Rants Vs Hate Speech

Ways to Avoid Violations, Problems on Bubblews

Bubblews has decided that I may keep this account after I inadvertently posted pictures of works of art deemed pornography. I still have missing payments but I'm back on track with my latest payment as of this morning. I'll be clicking the big green "redeem" button for the 17th time today. Here are some ways to avoid problems and potential violations. 17 Redemptions--Ways to Avoid Violations, Problems on Bubblews

My Best Social Networking Secrets for Article Sharing

I've never been one to share much of my content on social sites. I did for awhile and then it felt like I was spamming my friends. Or only interested in them for the page views they brought to my content. I've always shared my articles on my niche blogs, but that's different. Users come to my blogs specifically for information provided. Then I started writing for Bubblews and saw that social sharing was encouraged. I don't think we get paid for sharing on all the platforms available (I don't think sharing by "email this" counts, for example). And the Pinterest button doesn't work. This is good so there's less opportunity to exploit the system. But I do share my work on some sites. Here are my best social networking shares.   My Best Social Networking Secrets

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