Medieval Murder Mystery Genre

Murder mystery has become it's own subgenre and now we've divided the genre even more: Medieval murder mystery. Historical fiction of any kind is a demanding taskmaster to write for; history requires research and an immersing of one's self in the time and place in which you write. If you feel called by the Siren Song of historical fiction and especially medieval murder mystery, here are muses to guide you. Six authors au par of the medieval mystery and the medieval world in general. Read on...

Free Printable Poetry Writing Activities

Free Printable Poetry Activities
April is National Poetry Month. Perhaps you've felt an inner nudging to write poetry? Or maybe you've written poetry but feel shy about sharing? Here are resources for your writer's toolbox. Online forums,references,submission sites, poetry activities,helps and how-tos, writing venues and so much more! Bookmark and visit often. It's time to give your creative muse her day! Read more...

Persian Poets: Omar Khayyam, Hafiz, Rumi, Zarathushtra

National Poetry Month: Persian Poetry
Persians were thinkers, lovers and poets. Faithful as the Cedars of Lebanon, Persian poetry is redolent with myrrh and cardamom. Persian poetry is lush vermillion and pure gold. Enjoy Hafiz, Rumi,Omar Khayyam and Zarathrushtra.

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Spring Nature Poetry for Earth Day

Free Poety Lessons: Spring Nature Poems
April is National Poetry Month. Poetry is the perfect venue to express the joy of spring. And spring it the ideal subject for poems! Get the young and old outside to explore, enjoy and write!

Feed the Flame! Feedburner Blogger Tool

Free Advertising for Bloggers at Feedburner.Com
We writers may write for our own personal enjoyment, but let's face it: most of us need to make money. And to do that, we need people to read our work. Blogging is a great tool for driving traffic to yoour material. Want to increase your page views and blog hits? Feed Burner is a free internet resource that can boost your blog hits and article page views. Complete instructions for adding Feed Burner access to your blog.
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April National Poetry Month Selections

Childrens' Poetry Around the World
Poetry is the color of music, the rhyme of the rainbow, and the rhythm of life. Poetry is ambrosia and nectar, the food of the gods, nourishment for the soul. Here are some collections of poetry which you can celebrate with a child.
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