Composition, Essay, Short Story and Narrative

How to Write an Essay or Composition
The word 'composition' can denote different several types of writing for different circumstances. A composition is a personal narrative, a short work of fiction or prose, an essay, a dramatic work or a poem. Each of these writing genres has its own rubric. Read on for writer guidelines on several types of composition: narrative, short story, and my dear friend, the essay.
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Write Your Online Profile Survey ~ Myspace or Facebook

How to Write Your Own MySpace Survey
Write some really awesome surveys to add a dash of color to your online profile, Myspace, Facebook or Live Journal.
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How to Write a Personal Profile
This link will give all the how-tos you need to make your Myspace, Facebook, or and other personal profile really stand out!

Write Searchable Titles

How to Write Searchable Titles
Understanding how internet search works will help you to write titles for your articles that will be found and read. This increases page views too. Popular internet search terms that have worked for me are included.
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Writing Mystery and Detective Fiction

'Detective' comes from the French 'detrere' -- 'to seek.' A detective story is an off-shoot of the mystery genre and, as such, its format is similar to that of a mystery. The detective story has some more definitive parameters, however.

Any good story contains several elements -- introduction, characterization, plot sequence, climax, denouement and conclusion. Essentially the mystery story is founded on detail and sequence. A mystery story does not need to be solved by the reader; it can be left open-ended. The detective story includes the same elements, but... read more!

How to Write If You Want People to Read Your Stuff

The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Page Views and Performance Payments
Your complete one-stop guide to getting your content read, increasing your PV and Performance Payments. 25 secrets to success.
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