Choosing Website or Blog Layout, Colors

Yesterday's Bubblews-Upgrade gave me a fright. At first profiles looked denuded with the raw fonts and re-arrangement. Then I realized admin wasn't done playing yet. Now I find it's been smoothed out and looks very chic. I probably won't avail myself of some of the new categories--"anime" or "random" but the new banner colors intrigue me. And thanks to friends, I learned we can change colors. New toys please my OLSSS (Oh Look Something Shiny Syndrome). Here's a rag I wrote on the color options, plus tips on choosing blog layout colors.   Bubblews Banner Color Rag 

How to Deal with an Internet Stalker on Articles

I got hit by a serial disliker recently. On Bubblews, that's a person who goes on dislike sprees. I wasn't going to write about t till something I read about this incident set off red flags. Apparently the disliker claimed not to have been paid and was getting back at the site. RED FLAG. She (if it was a she-- all profile data on Bubblews can be faked or left blank) listed her profile password so users could access her account and remove the dislike. MAJOR RED FLAG. That's a huge violation on Bubblews. She's just trying to drum up as much drama as possible and suck in as many other users in it before getting banned. Here's how to handle dislike trolls safely.  How to Deal with a Bubblews Serial Disliker

Canon in Dark

The rain pommels the air conditioner, sounds like an endlessly-draining faucet.
Lightning scores the sky in a white-hot scar.
Thunder growls threateningly, boding I don't know what.
The elements are partying hard.

Read on for my tongue-in-cheek ode to a summer storm.
Rainy Day Musings or Canon in Dark 

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