National Grandparents Day: Happy Grandparents Day to Gaga (and Mama) with love

Here's a memorial tribute I wrote for National Grandparents' Day. Need to write a personal narrative or teach students how to? Feel free to use mine as a model.

Dear Mama,
With National Grandparents Day approaching, I'm taking a walk down memory lane. I'm celebrating the joy you've brought to our lives, especially to your four grandchildren. You've been "Gaga" for 22 years, since Molly Cate (the eldest and ringleader) dubbed you that at age 2. She had other grandmas, but only one Gaga (or Gagi when she was feeling silly). To this day, you sign the kids' cards "love, Gaga."  National Grandparents Day: Happy Grandparents Day to Gaga (and Mama) with love

Sister Michael and the Prayer of the Damned

Another vignette of paranormal prose, the tingle you to your toes. "Remind me why I wanted to go to SMGC?"' Monika wondered aloud as she lugged six industrial strength textbooks and her laptop out of the BKT (Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha) Library on All Hallow's Eve. The university was lovely, old and very secluded. Way off the beaten track in the middle of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, which was all off the beaten track to start with.

The BKTL smelled of generations of academia. The Victorian buildings, with their lower level of beautiful windows and glass-work, so reflective on the nearby lake, were built shortly after the turn of the century by the Sisters of Mercy (some of whom, it was rumored, still haunted the place).  Read on Sister Michael and the Prayer of the Damned

Paranormal Prose Promotion--Seeing Yourself in Others

More heart-stopping paranormal prose from storyspinner Angel Sharum "It started early this morning. I woke up and rubbed my eyes to clear them of gunk accumulated during the night. Usually, this is an insignificant habit that clears my sight so I can make my way to the bathroom, but today, today it was a different matter altogether." Read more...Seeing Yourself in Others by: Angel Sharum

Paranormal Prose Promotion--Youth and Beauty

For our 2012 Horror Anthology, here's a hair-raiser from Angel Sharum. Youth and Beauty "So pretty. You’d never make fun of me, would you, little one? No, you’re too sweet for anything like that. I can tell. Not like those nasty brats down the street, always laughing at me; or the kids on the playground running whenever I come near. Like I’m going to eat them or something! You wouldn’t do anything like that." Read Angel Sharum's Story Board: Youth and Beauty

How to Blog: Where to Find Free Blogs

Teachers require students to journal for different types of classes. Journaling, or writing in a personal diary is therapeutic. It helps kids (and adults) avoid confrontation by giving them a place to vent emotions. With online activities becoming more popular, some teens and adults are turning to web blogs or vlogs (video blogs) for journaling. Looking for tips on how to start a blog? I'm your go-to gal-- I maintain 68 blogs which get a combined 200,000 to 800,000 hits per month. Think you have to pay to blog? You don't. There are several free blogs and blogging sites. Here's how to get a free blog. How to Blog: Where to Find Free Blogs

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