Multi-Tasking Tips for WAHM and Writers

Multi-Tasking Tips for WAHM and Online Writers
I sometimes quip that the only down side to working at home is that I work in my home. Even with the kids gone to school it's easy to get distracted from work. Here are multi-tasking tips that I've employed, to git her done (or most of it anyway!)
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How to Earn Money Writing and Blogging With Google Adsense

How to Maximize Your Google Adsense Earnings on Niche Blogs
Do you write and/or blog to earn money? Then you need this handy guide to making money on your blogs with Google Adsense. Increase page views and earn when readers click on ads.
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How to Make Money Adding Articles to Niche Blogs

Making Money Online: Niche Blogs vs. Personal Blogging
When people ask me for advice on how to succeed as an internet writer, I always say, 'I don't know. When I succeed I'll let you know!'. But my second piece of advice is always; start niche blogs on subjects you know about and add links to your articles.
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Writing Tips: Fiction Non-Fiction- Write to Your Passions

Article Writing Tips: Write from Your Passions and Bond with Your Readers
Psychologists have found that journaling is one of the best tools for purging frustration and anxiety. Writing is therapeutic in several ways. Journaling helps calm emotions and prevent outburst. Writing help compose thought and understand feelings.
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Reviews of Online Writing Companies

Comparison of Online Content Companies and Why I like Associated Content Best
You're making your genesis into the publishing world. Let me be the first to welcome you. Here are websites that you can explore. I recommend checking out each site. See which fit your tastes and style. Here are my experiences.
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