Using Popular Search Engine Terms to Find Article and Content Ideas

How to Find Article Titles and Content Ideas Using Search Engines
Veteran online writers usually have more ideas for articles than time to write the articles. If you struggle to find content ideas and article topics that will sell, however, here are effective strategies using search engine terms.
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How to Raise Children who Read and Write

Back-to-School: How to Raise Bookworms and Kids Who Can't Put a Book Down
If anyone goes looking for me, I will not be found in front of a TV. I will be found with my nose in a book. Naturally I've raised bookworms who don't care a fig for popular television shows but can quote the New York Times best-seller list. Here's how.
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Using Onomatopoeia: Make Your Writing Sing and Dance

Onomatopoeia: Words that Name Sounds
Onomatopoeia (ah-nuh-mah-tuh-pee-uh) is as much fun to say as it is to write. Onomatopoeia comes from the Greek words meaning 'name' and 'I make'. Onomatopoeia is a long word that means 'sound words'; words named for the sounds they make.
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Creative Writing Tips: Antonyms and Synonyms

Creative Writing and Language Arts Activities: Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. Antonyms have the opposite meanings. Remember them this ways 'synonym' = 'same'; 'antonyms'='anti-', 'opposite.' There are synonyms for nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.
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