Sample Essay for Students

Here's an essay I wrote for Bubblews. If you need sample essays to use in class, feel free to share this example. Please give me credit, though. Don't copy. I'm a retired creative writing teacher.

"I'm in a quandary. Our local school district allows a religious group to meet in various buildings, to proselytize students and come and go during the school day. The group is a cooperative of youth leaders and representatives of local Christian churches (some Catholic, mostly protestant)." Read on Should Schools Allow Church Sponsored Groups? - News - Bubblews

Printable Halloween Word Games, Search, Scrambles, Puzzles

Little ones look forward to Halloween, but older children do too. Got bored big kids who need to be kept out of mischief waiting for trick-or-treat? Print free Halloween puzzles and word games. Educational too! Use for classroom lesson plans. Use for story starters and writing prompts. Use for Samhain as well as Halloween. Word searches make fun homework; Halloween word searches just double the fun. Use these printables for filler activities, rewards for completed homework and competitive activities. Perfect for Halloween party games for young and old.   Free Printable Halloween Word Games, Word Search, Word Scrambles and Puzzles 

Write Calming Pieces During Stress Times, Maybe Poetry

I've been writing online for eight years and full-time for three. From that, I've learned to write lighter pieces during times of stress.  When I'm already carrying heavy burdens, the last thing I need is serious or controversial topics. I can't take it. And that's the beauty of freelancing, and especially blogging. I have control over what I write. Sure, I have deadlines writing news. But I try to stagger them so that I can take brain breaks writing lighter topics. I might write about holidays, crafts, children or poetry--guaranteed to decompress. Freelance Tip Write Lite on Heavy Stress Days

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