Author Spotlight: Jeff Shaara 'No Less Than Victory' WWII Trilogy

Jeff Shaara's No Less Than Victory Completes WWII Trilogy
Jeff Shaara, son of renown American Civil War historian and author of The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara, has completed his own war requiem with the publication of No Less Than Glory, that last in Shaara's World War II trilogy.
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How to Make More Money from Your Google Adsense Blogs

How to Increase Blog Ad Revenue with Your Google Adsense Account
We love write, but we've go to make money. Here are tips for doing both. I've been earning Google Adsense on my niche blogs for two years now. In that time, I've explored many ways to boost my blog Adsense earnings. Here are ten of my best 'tried and true' methods for earning money on my Google Adsense blogs.
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Statcounter Free Blogging and Writing Tools

StatCounter Website Review: Blogging Tool for Online Writers
I've been managing online niche blogs for two years now. I've tried many online websites and software to improve blog hits and boost ad revenue. One of the most useful blogging tools that I've found is a website called StatCounter.
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Author Spotlight: Joseph Wambaugh 'Hollywood Moon' 40 Year Anniversary

Author Joseph Wambaugh of Hollywood Moon Nears 40 Years of Writing
Early 1980s Political Science classes put author Joseph Wambaugh's best-selling books The New Centurians, The Onion Field and The Choirboys at the top of required reading lists. Wambaugh's LAPD stories continue with his newest Hollywood Moon.
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