Comparison Contrast Composition

Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs
Pets provide companionship and love. Pets also make messes, noise and bad smells. Pets cause damage to person and property, and are generally a nuisance. Here's a sartorial comparison between at pet cats and pets dogs. Pet cats win (but not by much).
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Writer's Gardens In NYC: Creativity Venues

Ten Great Places for Writers in New York City
A description of ten places in New York City writers will find interesting.
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Writer's Block? No, Thank You ~ Satire in Verse

Back with more satire, this time in verse from Maria Roth at Associated Content. Writer's Block? No, Thank You
I don't have writer's block. I don't believe in writer's block. I have lots of other excuses for not writing today. Here they are, in a poem. (See? If I really had writer's block, I wouldn't be writing poetry.)
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Essay: Kudzu, A Southern Metaphor

So I said this month was comedy, specifically parody. But this is an good instructional example of essay from Maura Nicholson on Associated Content. Consider metaphor in this essay. We will go on with parody as well.
Kudzu: A Southern Metaphor
Kudzu's amazing ability to spread and proliferate may be the reason behind its becoming a metaphor. And its ability to come back year after year after being trampled and downtrodden may be the reason behind its becoming a metaphor for the South.
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Free Internet Literature and Writing Help

Free Web Resources for Literature Lessons and Homework
You have to crawl before you walk. And you have to read good literature before you write. These resources will help you to both read and write. 10 sites to get free assistance with literature lesson planning or homework. Includes study guides, lesson plans, activities, games, online books, ebooks, reference and resources.
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