Octomom Nadya Suleman's Welfare Points to System Fails--Sample Op/Ed

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman, single mom of 14 including octuplets, is back on welfare. TMZ reports that the money she earned from masturbation porn and stripping is gone. Last year, Suleman declared bankruptcy and entered rehab. Those drained her funds, too. The State of California awarded her $2,800 a month in food stamps and emergency cash. She's getting Med-Cali (Medicaid) for dental and mental health help, too.
Octomom Nadya Suleman on Welfare Again--Downward Spiral

Best Free Online Spelling, Vocabulary Games to Boost Reading Skills

I have a confession to make--I love online word games. For all the articles I write warning parents and kids about the dangers of obsessive game playing, I admit that there are advantages. Playing word games helps boost my visual tracking, perceptual acuity and typing skills (or so I tell myself). Mostly, I use them as a brain break from writing and research. Here are the best word games I've found that are free. Free Word Games Online

Writers' Workshop, Reading Response Journal Lesson Plan

Do we agree that in school, teachers rely too much on paper-and-pencil activities? Students spend endless hours in rote memorization, fill-in-the-blank activities and pointless time fillers. Do we agree that worksheets are boring and meaningless?  In my 25 year teaching career, I have agonized about this waste not only of paper, but more importantly of student brain power.  I've explored ways to make schoolwork more real and less 'ditto-based' (Dittos are what we called worksheets in the medieval days of Spirit Master copy machines.) Here's a list of alternatives for Writers' Workshop and book reports that are anything-but-boring worksheet activities.  Read more

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