Big Lake Poems: Trillium and Pine

I'm creating a volume of poetry that I call 'The Big Lake Poems' about my life and memories growing up near Lake Michigan, or The Big Lake as we called it. This one 'Trillium and Pine' is centered around a white tri-petaled flower, also known as grandiflorum, native to Michigan's old-growth forests and protected by the DNR. This early spring blossom is welcomed every year with a Festival in my home town. Some trillium are red and so my poem reflects those species in metaphor. It also celebrates the short lives of my two infant daughters, deceased at birth, Mary Therese and Isobella Raine Sachteleben.

warm wine glow
tranquility flow
trillium and pine
rhythm and rhyme

some things to grow
some to let go
sad memory time
drink blood red wine

feel the days go
rain and then snow
fresh summer wine
rosemary and time

food with the bad
happy i've had
time upon time
blessed be mine

up one steep hill
some remain still
rest in the vale
tell of the tale

mem'ry is song
singing along
verse and refrain
of lyric-bright pain

say what you will
life's a resin-bitter pill
swallow it fast
don't let it last

smile at the dark
hold fast on the mark
what's dim in the night
twill clear with the light

you don't understand
you don't see the plan
don't fear what's not clear
hold onto what's dear

what you cannot see
may not really be
no menace to make
no dark shadow take

the trillium still bloom
in deep new-spring gloom
white as a maid
born in the shade

pine stands true
ever green-blue
withstanding the pain
shining the in the rain

So drink warm autumn wine
tho blood red be thine
now is the time
for reason and rhyme
trillium and pine.

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