25 Reasons to Make Online Article Writing Your Career

25+ Reasons to Making Online Article Writing Your Career
Writing articles online can be a lucrative, satisfying home business. If you enjoy composing articles, have proficient grammar, possess a computer, have reasonable typing skills and enjoy writing, here are 50+ reasons write online articles.
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Ave Maria- Haiku

Ave Maria
A haiku from one mother to The Mother.
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Big Lake Poems: The Good Ship Marguerite Louise- ABCB Poetry

The Tale of the Good Ship Marguerite Louise
A tale of two ships on Lake Michigan on a cold November Night. For my father D. Jack who knows all there is to know about the ships of Lake Michigan and who likes a good story.
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Memoirs of My Husband

My Husband is the Sexiest Man Alive
I woke up this morning to Jennifer Wright's AC's Sexiest Men of 2009 article. Inspired, I'll toss a nomination for my husband as sexiest man. But this in no way detracts from Jennifer's list of highly desirable AC men.
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Writer's Guide: Article to Page View Ratio

Guide to Increase Online Article Page Views: Consider Your Article to Page View Ratio
Many quality articles have been written at Associated Content and other online venues about SEO, keywords and other tools for succeeding an online writer. Here's an oft overlooked factor: article count to page view ratio.
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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts on Loved Ones
How many times have I assigned students to write that Thanksgiving holiday essay entitled, 'What I Am Thankful for'. Family always tops the list. I'm thankful for my family, always, and in memory of a boy named Michael.
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Writing YA Fiction or Coming-of-Age Stories? 14 Must-Read Authors

Mature Reading for Teen High School Boys and Young Adults
It's a sad fact that the majority of teenage boys and young men do not read anything beyond magazines or newspapers. Here is list of literature guaranteed to get teen boys and men hooked on books. Excellent for YA authors.
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Happy Baby Feet: A Poem to Our Stillborn Daughter Isobella Raine

To Our Daughter, Isobella Raine Sachteleben Born and Died June 28, 2004
It's been 12 years since baby had to go. A tiny little soul, not quite ready in body. It's really sad when hello is also goodbye.

when did it happen

i'd really like to know

she was so alive

just why did she have to go?

  sweet child grew
  tiny heart beat
  sleeping baby beauty
  in my secret deep

  lovely baby feet
  dancing in my womb
  when did happy feet
  cease to hear the tune?

  baby girl and me
  whisper soft kiss
  living in our joy
  in happy baby bliss

  would her eyes be

  like daddy's baby blue?
  maybe long dark curls
  like her mama, too?

  pretty baby smile

  warm, golden glow
  glad you stayed awhile
  why did you have to go?

  why did she have to go?
  i asked the universe today
  i know she plays in heaven
  but i wanted her to stay.

  why, she never left
  Love said in great surprise
  she dwells within your soul

  and shines out from your eyes

  your tears upon his cheek
  kisses from Isobella Raine
  his strong arms 'round you
  are shelter from the pain

  sweet daddy and dear mama
  i didn't want to go
  but Blessed Mother held my hand
  so it wouldn't hurt you so

  and when you see that baby star
  that's me smilin' on you
  and when my little star twinkles
  that's me playin' peek-a-boo

Big Lake Poems: Oak Leaf and Acorn Novembers

Oak Leaf and Acorn Novembers
November in Michigan is leaf gathering time. Autumn harvest of oak and acorn burned on funeral pyre. Poem from the Big Lake Anthology about childhood and fall in Michigan.
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Halloween Haiku: The Dead

The Dead- a Haiku
Another Halloween Haiku from my friends at Associated Content. This is Rissa Watkins prize winning Halloween haiku,'The Dead' Pure creepy in 17 syllables.
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Big Lake Poems: Pink Pickable Ladyslippers

Pink Pickable Ladyslippers
This one is from The Big Lake Poems anthology. The Lake Michigan dunes flora surrounded my growing up and I think they deserve notice in my poems. This one is about lady slippers, childhood and big choices in life.
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Big Lake Poems: The Grama-Grampa House Smell

Fresh-Wind Lake-Green Cedar-Time
More from the Big Lake Poems anthology. I wish that I could make you smell the way my grandparents' house near Lake Michigan smelled. Or that I could smell it again for that matter. Maybe this poem will help.
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Big Lake Poems: Trillium and Pine

I'm creating a volume of poetry that I call 'The Big Lake Poems' about my life and memories growing up near Lake Michigan, or The Big Lake as we called it. This one 'Trillium and Pine' is centered around a white tri-petaled flower, also known as grandiflorum, native to Michigan's old-growth forests and protected by the DNR. This early spring blossom is welcomed every year with a Festival in my home town. Some trillium are red and so my poem reflects those species in metaphor. It also celebrates the short lives of my two infant daughters, deceased at birth, Mary Therese and Isobella Raine Sachteleben.

warm wine glow
tranquility flow
trillium and pine
rhythm and rhyme

some things to grow
some to let go
sad memory time
drink blood red wine

feel the days go
rain and then snow
fresh summer wine
rosemary and time

food with the bad
happy i've had
time upon time
blessed be mine

up one steep hill
some remain still
rest in the vale
tell of the tale

mem'ry is song
singing along
verse and refrain
of lyric-bright pain

say what you will
life's a resin-bitter pill
swallow it fast
don't let it last

smile at the dark
hold fast on the mark
what's dim in the night
twill clear with the light

you don't understand
you don't see the plan
don't fear what's not clear
hold onto what's dear

what you cannot see
may not really be
no menace to make
no dark shadow take

the trillium still bloom
in deep new-spring gloom
white as a maid
born in the shade

pine stands true
ever green-blue
withstanding the pain
shining the in the rain

So drink warm autumn wine
tho blood red be thine
now is the time
for reason and rhyme
trillium and pine.

Big Lake Poems: Lily- Laced Walks

Lily-of-the-Valley Laced Walks
From my volume of poetry entitled 'The Big Lake Poems' is based on my growing up near Lake Michigan, or the Big Lake as we called it. Each poem focuses on a tree, plant or flower, native to Michigan that has significance for me. This one is Lily-of-the-Valley Laced Walks.
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Halloween Haiku: Mind's Eye Halloween

Mind's Eye Halloween
Halloween Haiku; Haiku is the perfect poetry form for Halloween, Harvest, Autumn and fall. Haiku encompasses nature in little seed morsels. The rigor of writing in only 17 syllables makes the poet very choosy about her words. You will be seeing more Halloween Haiku from myself and other writers at Associated Content. And why not ask guests at your Halloween bash to jot down Haikus? Fun and creative party game.
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Twitter for Article Page Views

Twitter and Associated Content: Tweeting for Friends, Fun and Page Views
Twitter. Isn't that a cute name for a social website? Several friends who are new to the world of online social sites have asked me, 'just what is Twitter, anyway? Twitter. Is it like Facebook?' And I reply, 'yes and no'.
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Halloween Haiku: Craving

Craving: A Vampiric Halloween Haiku
A Halloween haiku for vampire fans.Brought to The Writer's Garden by Associated Content contributor Gabriel Gadfly
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Autumn Flora and Fauna: Squirrels and Pumpkin Seeds

St. Spermophilus and the Pumpkin Seeds
Squirrels. Garden Militia. The backyard telegraph. Plant paparazzi. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, one squirrel in pursuit of nest material is a whirling dervish. A regiment makes yard look like the epicenter of a hurricane.
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Halloween Haiku: Black Cat Moondance

Black Cat Moondance: A Halloween Haiku
This delightful haiku is just in time for Halloween, featuring black cats and a special witch's brew!Brought to The Writer's Garden from Lyn McCallister @ Associated Content.
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Halloween Haiku: Masquerade

Halloween Haiku Masquerade
Trick or treat haiku. Halloween candy in an eerie minor key, by Associated Content contributor Sylvia Branch.
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Halloween Haiku: Haunts from Beyond

Haunts from Beyond
A scary Halloween haiku, this one comes to us from Jennifer Amlie of Associated Content.
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Halloween Haiku: Trick-or-Treat Fun

Halloween Night: A Haiku Contest Entry
Halloween Night: A Haiku Contest Entry
Halloween Haiku fun from AC Kay Wittenhauer; read on...

Halloween Haiku: Candy Corn Smiles

Halloween Haiku - Candy Corn Smiles
Halloween means ghouls and goblins, scarecrows and pumpkins and of course, the traditional favorite - candy corn. This little Halloween Haiku captures it all. Shared courtesy of Marie-Anne St.Jean at Associated Content
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How to Get Readers, Subscribers and Page Views

How to Get Other Contributors to Read Your Articles, Favorite You and Subscribe to Your Work
There are some misconceptions about how to get other Associated Content contributors to read your articles, favorite you and subscribe to your work. Based on what I've learned, I'm going to attempt to set the record straight.

How to Add Your Content to Your Blog

How to Embed Associated Content Articles on Google Blogger
You've worked hard to get those articles published. Now you need page views and readers. You can get those if you embed your Associated Content articles on your Blogger blog. Here's how to get readers and page views.
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Essay and Article Writing Guide

How to Write the Perfect Online Article
A neat, tidy writing lesson in bite-sized steps. Plenty of examples of how to plan, organize, write, edit and rewrite an article. Gives practical advice on how to keep the article on track and cohesive.
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No Fail Guide to Increase Readership and Page Views

No-Fail Guide to Increase Page Views on Associated Content
This guide is not going to boost your page views to 1 million overnight. There's no magic bean to grow an enchanted page view beanstalk. It takes time, patience, hard work and cooperation with AC editors and fellow writers.
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