Happy Baby Feet: A Poem to Our Stillborn Daughter Isobella Raine

To Our Daughter, Isobella Raine Sachteleben Born and Died June 28, 2004
It's been 12 years since baby had to go. A tiny little soul, not quite ready in body. It's really sad when hello is also goodbye.

when did it happen

i'd really like to know

she was so alive

just why did she have to go?

  sweet child grew
  tiny heart beat
  sleeping baby beauty
  in my secret deep

  lovely baby feet
  dancing in my womb
  when did happy feet
  cease to hear the tune?

  baby girl and me
  whisper soft kiss
  living in our joy
  in happy baby bliss

  would her eyes be

  like daddy's baby blue?
  maybe long dark curls
  like her mama, too?

  pretty baby smile

  warm, golden glow
  glad you stayed awhile
  why did you have to go?

  why did she have to go?
  i asked the universe today
  i know she plays in heaven
  but i wanted her to stay.

  why, she never left
  Love said in great surprise
  she dwells within your soul

  and shines out from your eyes

  your tears upon his cheek
  kisses from Isobella Raine
  his strong arms 'round you
  are shelter from the pain

  sweet daddy and dear mama
  i didn't want to go
  but Blessed Mother held my hand
  so it wouldn't hurt you so

  and when you see that baby star
  that's me smilin' on you
  and when my little star twinkles
  that's me playin' peek-a-boo

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