My New Bubblews Approach Interact, Interact, Interact

 My 6-month Bubblews anniversary is coming up. So I'm taking that retrospective look you do at milestones. I'm trying some different things in my posts. Nothing kinky, I promise.

The site is dynamic and I want to change to fit it. I've been writing online since 2005. Adaptability to shifting trends is a skill that has served me well. So I following that pattern. My New Bubblews Approach Interact, Interact, Interact

My Bubblews Experiment is Paying Off

Yesterday, I bubbled about how I was trying something new on Bubblews Today, I'm here to report that it is yielding great dividends. I'm seeing more interaction on my posts. And that means one thing--more money! Read on My Bubblews Experiment is Paying Off

Essay for Advent Week One Skip Holiday Gift Exchanges and Donate

This is my annual Advent Week One (Hope) essay. Some might call my essays rants. So be it. If I sound more like Scrooge than Santa, it's because I'm sick of Christmas commercialism. Here's a non-traditional look at ways to spread hope by skipping the shopping rat race.

"Random gift exchanges are silly. I see no sense in trading gifts with extended family or people you're not close to. Many of us can't afford nor want to waste money on a meaningless token gift.

Some of us would prefer to donate gifts to those who actually need them. I long pushed for my extendeds to adopt a family or raise money for a gift to Heifer, International. That idea was nixed in favor of a gag gift exchange. Brilliant. Buy junk for each other that we don't need and will throw away, instead of doing some good. There's the holiday spirit." Read on Skip Holiday Gift Exchanges at School, Work

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