Greenwich Village Smoking vs. Low-Brow, Low-Life Smoking; Ah, the Ideals of Youth

I began smoking in college, in 1982, because I thought intellectuals smoked. Look at Jackson Pollock--that ubiquitous fag dangling from his bottom lip. His "No. 5, 1948" sold for $151 million and it was just a bunch of paint dribbles. If smoking was stupid, I wanted to be stupid like Jackson Pollock. Stupid like Georgia O'Keefe, Eugene O'Neill, Edith Wharton... the Greenwich Village crowd. The reds, the anarchists, the social reformers. I wanted to identify with them. 
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Christmas Memories: The Enemy Appendix, the Almost-Nativity and Snow for Christmas

This is a Christmas essay that I wrote. It might help you if you have to write a holiday essay. 

"The only reason I believe that Christmas 1997 actually happened is that we survived to tell the tale. No one could invent so unfortunate a series of events. I call it the Christmas of "The Enemy appendix, the Almost-Nativity and the Miracle Snow." Here's how it happened..."

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