Multicultural teen fiction: Middle school books, literature around the world

Homeschool parents and middle school teachers, want to take a free world tour? March is National Reading Month, so why not read around the world of middle school books. Here is a list of multicultural teen fiction and children's literature around the world, from 20 countries and seven continents. These stories best reflect the flavor of each culture--its people, traditions, religion, region, customs, celebrations and values. These children's literature around the world books include teen fiction, historical fiction, poetry, fairy tales, folklore and mythology. Teachers, be sure to note on a map, the places you visit in this literature unit. Multicultural middle school books are coded for age and grade appropriate level--

4 (grades 4 and up)

6 (grades 6 and up)

8 (grades 8 and up, some of these middle school books are PG-13 and may have some mature situations or language)

NB means this children's literature is a Newbery Award book. Newbery Awards are given to literature around the world that describes culture and history through the eyes of a young person.  Read on for Multicultural teen fiction: Middle school books, literature around the world

Shakespeare lesson plans: Middle English, how to read and understand Shakespearean plays and poems

Beware the Ides of March! And students, beware of teachers quoting Shakespeare, or Julius Caesar in March! Teachers adore Shakespeare and the Ides of March (March 15) is their feast day! But students--meh, not so much. Are you struggling with Shakespeare? Do you despise your literature teacher for making you read Middle English? Do you fail to see the appeal of the Bard of Avon? That is perfectly understandable, but don't despair. Here are tips to vanquish that Shakespearean tragedy, parse his sonnets and laugh in the face of the Bard's comedy. Teachers and homeschool parents, use these lesson plans to make Shakespeare more approachable for students.  Shakespeare lesson plans: Middle English, Shakespearean plays for Ides of March |

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