Poetry for Halloween ~ A Witches' Brew

Here's a free form poem for Halloween from Tracy Pawlukovich of Associated Content. Notice how Tracy's word choices evoke all the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. You can read more of Tracy's poems in other poetry forms at AC

A Witch's Brew
A free form poem, Halloween inspired.
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Oh what hallowed fears
on this eerie night
add a lizards tears
good gone awry
defer the smiles
in the hospice, they lie
the rules of joy
are null and void
the long black tail
of a mouser is next
and a gobbet of meat
from the little pest
bonanza of greed
is what this will bring
in this cauldron of black
oh, hear me sing
the specter of a prosaist am I
ghoulish and dark
add some bark of bonsai
boil and dance is whats up next
let the moon glow shine
on this pot of mine
bitter refreshment
for the souls of the dead
the sun is coming up

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