Writing Ideas from Nobel Prize Literature Laureates

The list of Nobel Prize for Literature laureate authors makes an superb required reading list for an Literature, English, high school reading and even history class. I've compiled this list of world renown authors who've not only won the Nobel Prize, but also written works that have become well-known outside of the more esoteric Nobel Prize circles. I've chosen authors and works that will be of especial interest to students in high school and college. That's George Bernard Shaw to the left. His "Pygmalion" gave us the Audrey Hepburn film "My Fair Lady." It's almost Shakespearian in concept. When I teach literature, I try to find parallels from classics to more modern books. Students like bringing older stories and themes into modern contexts. For example, when I taught Romeo and Juliet, I had students create Myspace profiles (more popular social network then). Now I'd use Facebook or Twitter. Using social networks helps kids understand character webs and story maps. Lesson Plans from Nobel Prize Literature Laureates

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