Bubblews Success Means Getting Past ATM Mentality

 Arvind, CEO of Bubblews (a cool online writing venue) made a great allusion in his "Invite Your Friends" Day post. He said successful bubblers used Bubblews as a social networking blog and not an ATM. I've been chewing on the automatic teller machine metaphor and why it's so apt. And why, to make Bubblews "pay" we have to work it as it was designed to operate--heavy on the "we" and light on the "me." See, some of us have been writing online for years. And we are not used to reading, sharing, commenting and liking on each other's work. We are used to writing in our own bubble. But the customer should be given what he wants. And interaction is what Bubblews wants. Bear that in mind if you write online. Learn what works and follow it. Bubblews Success Means Getting Past ATM

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