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One of the saddest statistics I ever heard is that most people use the same 1,000 or so words over and over and over. Some much less. They must do a great deal of repeating which is a moot point, I know. But it's not just repetition of words and phrases, it's formula thinking, templated conversation, Scariest of all is that saying the same words over and over means one is never having any new, fresh ideas. One's brain is staid, stagnant, atrophied. And we know what happens to sedentary muscles--they cease to function.

How terrifying. That one could, through, repetitive thoughts and words, wear ruts in the brain, like a scratched or broken record. That sedentary thought processing kills brain cells and cripples thinking. There is so much talk about exercising the body--very important, mind you--but what about the mind? It needs to be ever exploring, sampling, evaluating, applying, analyzing new experiences and data. It  needs to find expression for thoughts, questions, plans, dreams, hopes, fears and all those crazy ideas that area just too crazy for words. Find the words and if you can't keep looking. Try new ones. So you'll make mistakes, pronounce them wrong, use them in the wrong contexts. Don't let that intimidate you. 

So people think you're arrogant if you use "big words?" Big hairy deal. Never make excuses for improving your vocabulary. If they don't like it, they can go exchange those same few hundred sound bytes with similarly conversation challenged folk. Or they can talk to the wall. Certainly it's important to listen as well as we talk, actually, better. That is true communication. So today, do a little risk-taking with vocabulary, written and verbal. Step outside your comfort "voice"box! 

Be well, my dears and do good work. 

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