November Focus: Humor+Satire+Parody= Humody!

This month at the Writer's Blog, we begin a joyful romp through that delightful genre: comedy. But we're going to spin it slightly to my personal pet form of humor and comedy: parody and satire. I like to call this kind of humor: Humody. (what do you mean, 'that's not funny!' I know it's not funny. It's not supposed to be funny. It's just sort of cute...never mind. Pay attention!)

Parody can trip up some would-be writers. Parody or satire takes a ordinary, serious subject and pokes gentle (or not so gentle) fun at it. The trick is to find the weak spots in a subject, or the parts that are taken far too seriously and make jest at them. Satire-Parody or Humody is black comedy, film noir, mock-ups all mixed up in a fruit salad of humor.

We begin with a piece I wrote myself. I just shared in my social writer's network, Web Writer's that I was too embarrassed to share my own stuff. And then I thought, 'oy vey' what have I got to lose? A reputation? Nah...

So for this chilly potentially wet and unpleasant month of November, let's enjoy the lite side of life!

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need DSL
Whimsical but relevant overview of DSL. Reason One: Being able to use the phone and internet simultaneously? What? No more battles over who needs the phone and who needs the internet? With DSL, we can call and surf at the same time? No more missed calls? No more yelling at the kids to get off the net so I can talk to a prospective employer? Now while I admit that the screaming, swearing and arguing may get a little tedious and most of the household furnishings get destroyed in the daily fistfights, is peace at any price really worth it? How important are those calls anyway? We'd just find something else to fight over. Sanity and is pretty overrated anyway. And don't forget how much money you save on dial-up; enough to replace one broken window at least?

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