What was Christmas like for Mary, Our Blessed Mother?

What was Christmas like for Mary, Our Blessed Mother? I began this article in a more devotional vein, but found myself stuck on a part of Christmas that I had never given much thought to. What was Christmas like for Mary, mother or Jesus, our Blessed mother? I know that some Protestants are uncomfortable, even to the point of accusing blasphemy for calling Mary by her rightful titles: Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Our Blessed Mother. I, like St. Paul, was one of the accusers, 'in fact one of the worst' at one time. Being pretty smart and smart-mouthed, I could out argue anyone. Being born and raised in a protestant environment, I knew nothing little about Notre Dame and what I had been taught was protestant anti-Catholic apologetics. Consequently, I was pretty vehement in her criticism. But the I went and married this Catholic guy, had kids, went to the grotto of Lourdes and accidentally fell in love with 'the lady of sorrows'....but that's another story. Back to the Mary of Christmas. Now even if I could make a case that Mary was not immaculately conceived (which I would not do), there are some glaring points in the Christmas story which prove unequivocally that Mary was and is Regina, Queen of Heaven. Read on...

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