Rachel Dolezal is 'black' born white: Is transracial the same as transgender?

 So Rachel Dolezal is "black" but born white? The Hollywood Reporter said Nov. 2 that the discredited NAACP leader who posed as black admitted her race as white on the all-black show "The Real." That made a lot of people real uncomfortable. But could Dolezal be transracial and if so, is transracial any different than transgender? Think about it: people who were born one gender but identify as the other are accepted, nay applauded, when they "come out" in what they believe to be their true selves. So why is no one cheering for Rachel Dolezal? When Bruce Jenner become Caitlyn Jenner, the majority accepted it (or were too politically correct to say they didn't). People call him Caitlyn because he asked them to. He says he is now a she. Yet somehow it's wrong and anathema for Rachel Dolezal to be white but ask people to call her black. Maybe there is more to gender and race than meets the eye?Rachel Dolezal is 'black' born white: Is transracial the same as transgender?

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